Between the Lines


Sometimes you have to look a little closer, or read between the lines, to see the potential in something. When you go to start looking for a new car, you might be tempted to start with Ford, Chevrolet, or another big name car brand. While you might have heard of Nissan, or even know someone who drives a Nissan, you might not be as familiar with them or what they offer. But it pays off to do your research.


When you start looking into the pros of buying from Nissan, you realize that they’re a reputable manufacturer with a great safety rating history. They also have a very god reputation among consumers. Nissans are known to have extended lifetimes, and frequently last drivers well beyond the 100,000 mile mark. They’re also considered to an enemy of mechanics because they last so long and need so few repairs. They’re reliable, safe, cars. You can start to get an idea of the different makes that Nissan offers by visiting a dealership website, like Here, you’ll be able to get information about all the current Nissans available on the car lot. You can read specifications for each car, like gas mileage and safety ratings.
Another great way to learn the real story of Nissan cars is to research and read reviews by consumers like you online. A quick web search will bring up lots of sites where people write honest reviews about their car buying experiences. You can find reviews of individual Nissan cars, with information about how they drive and if customers have been satisfied with them after having them for a while. You can also find reviews of dealerships like Metro Nissan Redlands and their website, These reviews will let you know what types of experiences customers had with each dealership.