Carpool like a king

Say what you want about carpooling a bunch of elementary kids to school or practice or to an event, but it’s an art form. If you haven’t done it and you’re only imagining it, then you have no idea what we parents go through when it involves putting more than one kid in the car. I wouldn’t say it’s a nightmare, but if you’re not prepared and you don’t have a plan, it is. Carpooling should be fun. It has that nice community feel to it that harkens to the olden days of togetherness and singing. If carpooling were a political party, it would be far left, but magically appreciated by the entire spectrum of beliefs. Some things just speak to all of us. However, carpooling isn’t doesn’t always live up to this peaceful utopian commute that we might fantasize about. There are multiple children, most of whom aren’t your own. There is gear. Kids come with baggage. They arrive with book bags and soccer balls, crayons, notebooks, stuffed animals. Their toys talk and their music is intolerable. So how can you carpool like a kind or queen when the deck seems so heavily stacked against you?

DTLA 10-1

It all starts with the right vehicle. It has to be big enough for every kid to have his or her own space. It has to be comfortable with places for the kids to put their stuff, including sticky sugary drinks that would all love to get married to your leather upholstery. Forever. The right vehicle has to be not just safe, but a tank. If it’s not safe, you’ll hear about it from every other parent twice, and with good reason. In this day and age, there’s no reason to carpool your most precious cargo in anything less than the safest, and that’s why I recommend getting a hybrid Nissan Pathfinder. This revolutionary vehicle is all of this and much, much more.

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One of the reasons that I like this SUV so much for the purpose of carpooling is that I can adjust the volume for the kids in the back while maintaining my sanity in the front. You mix that with the fact that the SUV is hybrid with excellent gas mileage that saves you money and you’ve got a winner. Any parent you pull up to in a new Pathfinder will welcome you with open arms and jealousy that you have the perfect carpooling car and they don’t. Even after they copy you and get one, you’ll always be the person who did it first and set the trend. While I’m sort of joking about that part, it’s true, the Pathfinder guarantees safety for the kids in your car and security for the parents who have entrusted you with taking their kids to the field. If you’re interested in setting the next trend, go online to either or and get ready to have some followers!

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