Five Good Reasons to Keep Your Car in the Garage

Garages are full of many different things these days, but surprisingly this doesn’t often include a car. Garages were originally created for storage purposes, but most importantly for the storage of the motor car. Unfortunately not many car owners have enough space available in their garage these days. Their garages are full of old toys, gardening equipment, bicycles, barbecues and other items which are too precious to be thrown away but will never actually be used . . . ever again.
Let’s take a look at five extremely good reasons why you should clear out the clutter and make room for your car in the garage. Sort it out, hold a garage sale, donate stuff to charity or simply throw it away. Whatever it takes, make room for your car in the garage.
1 – If you keep your car in the garage it will be able to keep looking good for longer. The more time your motor spends sheltered indoors away from the debris, bird droppings and other stuff it encounters on the driveway the better it will be. All of these things make your car look constantly dirty and in need of a wash, they also help to accelerate the speed at which the bodywork deteriorates.

bird shit on the bonnet of a car

2 – If you garage your car it will be protected from inclement weather conditions and storms. Your car can take a real beating if a severe hailstorm rolls through and there won’t be a darned thing you can do about it. Some major hailstorms can cause a lot of damage to cars leaving them heavily dented, even breaking windshields. Windstorms also cover your car with debris which can cause dings, dents and chipped paint.
3 – If your car is safely locked away in the garage overnight there’s a much lesser chance that it will be stolen or vandalized. It will prevent people from damaging the exterior of your vehicle and from breaking in to your vehicle to steal whatever you have left inside.
4 – Many insurance companies will offer reduced premiums if your car is garaged overnight. This really follows on from many of the reasons already mentioned. Insurance companies are happiest when the chances of you making a claim are reduced, so if your car is safely locked away it has less chance of being damaged and stolen. This means that they will offer lower insurance premiums if your car is regularly locked away in a garage.


5 – It really is more convenient to keep your car in a garage too. Picture the scene, it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s still dark and you need to leave for work. You are already running late and you’ve got to go immediately. What do you do? You make a mad dash for the car but you still end up soaked from the rain and the puddles you splashed through on the way there. Now you’ll have to stay that way for a good portion of the day until you dry off again, only to repeat the process when you get home again.
Perhaps there’s been a heavy snow fall in the night and you’ve got to clear a thick layer of ice from the windshield before you can go anywhere. By the time it’s cleared you are cold through to your bones and your hands have gone completely numb.


If only you had room in the garage to store you car none of these things would happen. You just have to climb in and drive away in the warm and dry.
There’s a good selection of cars available at which are all clean, dry and ready to drive away. Why not make room in your garage to keep it safe? Remember, it’s