Great Summer Vacation Destinations in the United States

For so many years, the ultimate vacation for most of us was one of the Western European capitals — Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam. Or it was a trip to the Caribbean, spending a week or 10 days in a tropical paradise. Or, more exotic was a long-planned African Safari; a voyage down the Amazon or the Nile; a tree house stay in Ecuadoran rain forest; a walking trip along China’s Great Wall.

But the hassles of air travel have become too much, with the long lines through security, the crowded aisles, limited overhead room for bags, and ever-shrinking seats. The delays on the Tarmac, waits at the gate, and unexpected layovers or delays are enough to drive anyone crazy. Sometimes, after returning from one of these travel nightmares, you feel like you need time to recuperate from vacation!

With the reduced oil prices, many are forgoing the headaches of foreign travel and taking to the open road. Never been to Niagra Falls? How about the beautiful expanse of the Pacific Coast? Now is the time to set out in the comfort of your own car and explore the abundant cultural wonders right here on American soil. Keep reading for our list fantastic summer vacation destinations in the United States. Then get ready to grab your family, pack up the car, and hit the road for the vacation of a lifetime!

New York City


New York City comes to life during the summer, with people pouring out of their apartments to stroll the streets and explore its many parks and museums. If you live on the East Coast, consider making New York your vacation destination this year. Summer is the off season in NYC, so you’ll get better deals on hotels, tour packages, and Broadway tickets. Hit the road and head for the Big Apple!

San Francisco


San Francisco is one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the US, with something to offer everyone! Its ornate architecture makes simply walking down the street an event in and of itself. And the boundless beauty of San Francisco Bay is truly something to behold. If you live in Southern California, there’s no reason not to make a road trip to the Golden Gate. Head up the coast in your Fiat 500 from Its great gas mileage will ensure you have plenty of money once you get to the city. With so many great models available at you’re sure to find the perfect car for your NoCal getway.

New Orleans


This historic Mecca of art and entertainment has survived enormous adveristy with all of its personality intact. Truly one of the greatest cultural treasures of the US, New Orleans is undoubtedly worth a spot of your summer vacation destination list. Stroll through the French Quarter while munching on a beignet, or head down to bank of the Mississippi River with a picnic to watch the steamboats roll by. The Creole Queen is alive, well, and waiting for you this summer!