Read Out The December 2013 Column – A World Of Bliss


All good things must come to a conclusion and it’s with the deepest gratitude plus a little sadness that I’m writing my final column as Associate Editor for European Car and To state my time here has become a joy will be an understatement.

So, what’s it love to jump away from the blogosphere and into real automotive journalism? Demanding!

Imagine hanging out in your local batting cage and connecting with a series of fastballs in the pro cage. You’re feeling great and think you can carry out Randy Johnson himself. Then the scout sees your performance and next thing you know, you’re under the lights at Yankee Stadium likely to perform such as a pro. Pressure is on and you better pony up or you’ll find yourself back at your 9-to-5.

This was definitely the big league for me, but EC provided me with the kind of opportunities you dream of as a kid. Blasting on the Autobahn at full speed, experiencing the Rolex 24, two-days of intense driving instruction from the AMG Academy at Laguna Seca and my personal favorite, watching the McLaren P1 unveiled in Paris.

While being whisked away to far off places is a delight, the work that followed was where the rubber meets the path… so to speak. Thanks to a 24-hour news cycle you’d better select your ideas and words carefully; you’re now competing versus the world for those lucrative web hits and magazine sales.

Luckily, the body weight didn’t fall squarely on my shoulders. They at EC is in a league of the own. From the fearless editor Greg ensuring my story was as intelligent while i intended, to Alex critiquing my photos to find the best quality, Lucia keeping us on schedule and Jeremy maintaining contemporary design trends.

You may have noticed over the past year that vintage cars have infiltrated the mag. This isn’t a coincidence. My automotive lust has found refuge in the classic cars from the golden-era of design, their racing pedigree and the owners who love them. My departure from EC will place me squarely in the midst of the hottest vintage brand out there – where you’ll find everything from classic cars to lifestyle brands.

Saying goodbye is never easy since it signifies a stop, so I’d rather say thank you to my friends from the field, my colleagues, Alex for his continued pursuit for awe-inspiring photos, Greg for his enthusiasm and Source Interlink Media for providing me together with the tools to be a better journalist.