Things You Can Do to Accurately Display Your Great Wealth

What’s the point of being vastly wealthy if others don’t know it? This is why Facebook has blossomed into such a force – people want to be able to brag and show off. No one does anything for the intrinsic sense of satisfaction one could have anymore. No, there’s no point in going on a vacation unless you can post pictures for the suckers back home; there’s no point being rich if no one knows you’re rich. So in lieu of just posting on Facebook “”I’m rich,”” you need to be able to demonstrate to those around you, your neighbors and those at the Whole Foods who think that just going to the Whole Foods itself is status-showing enough. Here are things you need to do now.

Rolex Watch


Don’t just go to the streets of New York and buy a fake Rolex – you need to get an actual Rolex, one that costs several thousand dollars. There’s really nothing that shows wealth more than spending so much money on something so useless as a watch. It’ll be a perfect addition to your attire. Because not only does it show your wealth, but it’s an understated way of doing it so people will actually think you’re being humble about it. Clearly you aren’t if you have a Rolex, but you will fool enough people that it’ll be pretty funny to you and your loved ones at the end of the day.

Fancier-than-Needed Car


Another thing you can do to really show those around you who you really are is to get a car that is over the top and totally not needed. Think about what a fancy car shows people: here’s something that everyone needs but you’re not just getting what you need, you’re getting some sort of luxury vehicle that speaks to your wealth because why would you need something so fancy? You could go in the typical fashion with a BMW or something, but we suggest getting something American, like a Dodge. Look at You’ll be surprised by the luxury available these days by the Dodge company. See for yourself at

Nice Shoes


Here’s another subtle thing you can that shows people what kind of man or woman you are. If you buy a nice pair of black shoes, that says you probably have a nice job, certainly something that warrants wearing footwear more fancy than sneakers or cowboy boots. But if you get a really, really expensive pair of shoes, something like a $5,000 pair of shoes, that shows that you have so much extra money, that an expensive pair of shoes is really no big deal to you. That’s a great way to demonstrate your wealth in a way that again looks very subtle even though it isn’t. Since most people don’t always look down at your shoes, it might be important to mention it in casual conversation a little so folks know. No point demonstrating your wealth and having your demonstrations go unnoticed.