Why You Should Get Tesla


Right after the Volt, another most likely name you’ll have often heard of for the EV is Tesla Motors. These guys were the first manufacturers to build a pure EV that wasn’t some joyless science experiment. Instead they took some novel design approaches to the motor, transmission and batteries and shoehorned the lot into a Lotus Elise body, creating a 2-seat roadster that folks were already familiar with and making it fun to drive. It’s important to note here that Tesla did not require a Lotus Elise and convert it to be an EV, but built their own personal chassis and EV system and put an Elise body on top.

If you drove it having a light foot, a 250 mile range, the Roadster was, by all accounts, an amazing car to drive with sports-car handling and. The Roadster had been a boutique car though – not created in large numbers and the cost was prohibitive for the average buyer. To combat that, Tesla next vehicle was/is definitely the the Model S – a 4 seat family sedan which they hope will probably be what the Chevy Volt must have been – a fully electric family car for the masses. Prices are steep but not intergalactic (base price in 2013 is around $57,000).