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Great Summer Vacation Destinations in the United States

For so many years, the ultimate vacation for most of us was one of the Western European capitals — Paris, Rome, London, Amsterdam. Or it was a trip to the Caribbean, spending a week or 10 days in a tropical paradise. Or, more exotic was a long-planned African Safari; a voyage down the Amazon or the Nile; a tree house stay in Ecuadoran rain forest; a walking trip along China’s Great Wall.

But the hassles of air travel have become too much, with the long lines through security, the crowded aisles, limited overhead room for bags, and ever-shrinking seats. The delays on the Tarmac, waits at the gate, and unexpected layovers or delays are enough to drive anyone crazy. Sometimes, after returning from one of these travel nightmares, you feel like you need time to recuperate from vacation!

With the reduced oil prices, many are forgoing the headaches of foreign travel and taking to the open road. Never been to Niagra Falls? How about the beautiful expanse of the Pacific Coast? Now is the time to set out in the comfort of your own car and explore the abundant cultural wonders right here on American soil. Keep reading for our list fantastic summer vacation destinations in the United States. Then get ready to grab your family, pack up the car, and hit the road for the vacation of a lifetime!

New York City


New York City comes to life during the summer, with people pouring out of their apartments to stroll the streets and explore its many parks and museums. If you live on the East Coast, consider making New York your vacation destination this year. Summer is the off season in NYC, so you’ll get better deals on hotels, tour packages, and Broadway tickets. Hit the road and head for the Big Apple!

San Francisco


San Francisco is one of the most vibrant and dynamic cities in the US, with something to offer everyone! Its ornate architecture makes simply walking down the street an event in and of itself. And the boundless beauty of San Francisco Bay is truly something to behold. If you live in Southern California, there’s no reason not to make a road trip to the Golden Gate. Head up the coast in your Fiat 500 from Its great gas mileage will ensure you have plenty of money once you get to the city. With so many great models available at you’re sure to find the perfect car for your NoCal getway.

New Orleans


This historic Mecca of art and entertainment has survived enormous adveristy with all of its personality intact. Truly one of the greatest cultural treasures of the US, New Orleans is undoubtedly worth a spot of your summer vacation destination list. Stroll through the French Quarter while munching on a beignet, or head down to bank of the Mississippi River with a picnic to watch the steamboats roll by. The Creole Queen is alive, well, and waiting for you this summer!

Here’s What You Need To Know When Starting a Car From Storage


My grandfather’s brother won this car in a lottery during 1957. His brothers used to give him a lift inside, even though he had no driver’s license.

From 1975 to 1996, the car was parked inside my grandfather’s brother’s garage. My grandfather moved the car on the trailer in 1996 to his garage a few miles away, but it’s been standing still there until this year when I rolled it and started it up.This is the first time someone turned it on in 38 years!

Eliminate the spark plugs and squirt some oil in each cylinder. Let it sit over night.

By rotating the cooling fan, try to turn the motor by hand. When the pistons are stuck, you can stop now and require help.

See if the battery is okay. Otherwise you have to buy a new one. Inside my case, a 6 volt battery.

Replace all fluids. Brakefluid and coolant, and engine oil. Replace the oil fuel and filter filter. Drain the gas tank and the fuel lines.

Find out if the heater and coolant hoses are okay.

Check if the belts are okay.

You need to find out if the wheel bearings and brakes are okay if you are planning to drive the automobile now.

Now it’s time to try to start the car. A great idea is to buy a can of starting fluid.

Read Out The December 2013 Column – A World Of Bliss


All good things must come to a conclusion and it’s with the deepest gratitude plus a little sadness that I’m writing my final column as Associate Editor for European Car and To state my time here has become a joy will be an understatement.

So, what’s it love to jump away from the blogosphere and into real automotive journalism? Demanding!

Imagine hanging out in your local batting cage and connecting with a series of fastballs in the pro cage. You’re feeling great and think you can carry out Randy Johnson himself. Then the scout sees your performance and next thing you know, you’re under the lights at Yankee Stadium likely to perform such as a pro. Pressure is on and you better pony up or you’ll find yourself back at your 9-to-5.

This was definitely the big league for me, but EC provided me with the kind of opportunities you dream of as a kid. Blasting on the Autobahn at full speed, experiencing the Rolex 24, two-days of intense driving instruction from the AMG Academy at Laguna Seca and my personal favorite, watching the McLaren P1 unveiled in Paris.

While being whisked away to far off places is a delight, the work that followed was where the rubber meets the path… so to speak. Thanks to a 24-hour news cycle you’d better select your ideas and words carefully; you’re now competing versus the world for those lucrative web hits and magazine sales.

Luckily, the body weight didn’t fall squarely on my shoulders. They at EC is in a league of the own. From the fearless editor Greg ensuring my story was as intelligent while i intended, to Alex critiquing my photos to find the best quality, Lucia keeping us on schedule and Jeremy maintaining contemporary design trends.

You may have noticed over the past year that vintage cars have infiltrated the mag. This isn’t a coincidence. My automotive lust has found refuge in the classic cars from the golden-era of design, their racing pedigree and the owners who love them. My departure from EC will place me squarely in the midst of the hottest vintage brand out there – where you’ll find everything from classic cars to lifestyle brands.

Saying goodbye is never easy since it signifies a stop, so I’d rather say thank you to my friends from the field, my colleagues, Alex for his continued pursuit for awe-inspiring photos, Greg for his enthusiasm and Source Interlink Media for providing me together with the tools to be a better journalist.

Five Good Reasons to Keep Your Car in the Garage

Garages are full of many different things these days, but surprisingly this doesn’t often include a car. Garages were originally created for storage purposes, but most importantly for the storage of the motor car. Unfortunately not many car owners have enough space available in their garage these days. Their garages are full of old toys, gardening equipment, bicycles, barbecues and other items which are too precious to be thrown away but will never actually be used . . . ever again.
Let’s take a look at five extremely good reasons why you should clear out the clutter and make room for your car in the garage. Sort it out, hold a garage sale, donate stuff to charity or simply throw it away. Whatever it takes, make room for your car in the garage.
1 – If you keep your car in the garage it will be able to keep looking good for longer. The more time your motor spends sheltered indoors away from the debris, bird droppings and other stuff it encounters on the driveway the better it will be. All of these things make your car look constantly dirty and in need of a wash, they also help to accelerate the speed at which the bodywork deteriorates.

bird shit on the bonnet of a car

2 – If you garage your car it will be protected from inclement weather conditions and storms. Your car can take a real beating if a severe hailstorm rolls through and there won’t be a darned thing you can do about it. Some major hailstorms can cause a lot of damage to cars leaving them heavily dented, even breaking windshields. Windstorms also cover your car with debris which can cause dings, dents and chipped paint.
3 – If your car is safely locked away in the garage overnight there’s a much lesser chance that it will be stolen or vandalized. It will prevent people from damaging the exterior of your vehicle and from breaking in to your vehicle to steal whatever you have left inside.
4 – Many insurance companies will offer reduced premiums if your car is garaged overnight. This really follows on from many of the reasons already mentioned. Insurance companies are happiest when the chances of you making a claim are reduced, so if your car is safely locked away it has less chance of being damaged and stolen. This means that they will offer lower insurance premiums if your car is regularly locked away in a garage.


5 – It really is more convenient to keep your car in a garage too. Picture the scene, it’s cold, it’s wet, it’s still dark and you need to leave for work. You are already running late and you’ve got to go immediately. What do you do? You make a mad dash for the car but you still end up soaked from the rain and the puddles you splashed through on the way there. Now you’ll have to stay that way for a good portion of the day until you dry off again, only to repeat the process when you get home again.
Perhaps there’s been a heavy snow fall in the night and you’ve got to clear a thick layer of ice from the windshield before you can go anywhere. By the time it’s cleared you are cold through to your bones and your hands have gone completely numb.


If only you had room in the garage to store you car none of these things would happen. You just have to climb in and drive away in the warm and dry.
There’s a good selection of cars available at which are all clean, dry and ready to drive away. Why not make room in your garage to keep it safe? Remember, it’s

Your Teens Are Important And They Should Know It

National You Matter to Me Day is Oct. 7 – an incredible opportunity for parents to tell teens how much they matter. Signing a parent-teen driving agreement is a good way to mark to holiday. In order to have driving privileges, and the agreements show simply how much parents care about their teens’ safety, parent-teen driving agreements establish a set of household rules teens are required to follow.

Statistically, parents who show they care raise better drivers. Studies have found teens with supportive, involved parents who set rules and monitor driving are two times as likely to wear seat belts, 70 percent more unlikely to drink and drive, half as likely to speed and 30 percent not as likely to use a mobile phone while driving. A national survey in the Allstate Foundation showed 79 percent of parents support signing a parent-teen agreement after teens receive licenses.


A written, signed agreement from a parent plus a teen driver should include clear expectations and also the consequences for violating restrictions. Restrictions might be stronger than others outlined in state laws, too. No state’s teen driving laws fully protect teens from your risks they face while learning to drive, which is why parental involvement can produce a difference for novice teen drivers.

DriveitHOME can help parents understand why teens crash, how to coach teen drivers and how to craft a powerful parent-teen agreement.